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Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

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Diabetes type 2 is an increasingly common condition affecting how your body manages sugar. Simple measures regarding healthy eating & exercise can dramatically improve this condition.

Keeping your sugar levels and blood pressure under control will reduce your chances of a heart attack or stroke, alongside stopping smoking.

We can diagnose type 2 diabetes with a simple blood test and we can also easily diagnose pre-diabetes, which if managed well, can prevent or postpone diabetes occurring. 

Type 2 diabetes occurs mainly in people aged over 40. The first-line treatment is diet, weight control and physical activity. If the blood sugar (glucose) level remains high despite these measures then tablets to reduce the blood glucose level are usually advised.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high.

Prediabetes, also commonly referred to as "borderline diabetes" or "at risk of diabetes", is a metabolic condition and growing global problem that is closely tied to obesity

The North Devon Integrated Diabetes Service project is working to develop person-centred diabetes care integrated across primary and secondary care and delivered consistently across North Devon.

Where clinically required this care will be in hospital, whilst all other diabetes care will be delivered nearer to home enabling a more holistic service where people with diabetes and their families are empowered, manage their health more effectively and reduce the likelihood of further complications by receiving the advice, support and care that they need when they need it.

Useful videos which provide information to patients regarding Pre-diabetes (at risk of Diabetes).

Comprehensive video library which provides information to patients regarding the management of Diabetes.

Diabetes UK is the leading UK charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of all people affected by and at risk of diabetes.

Nutrition management is essential to control both Diabetes types 1 and 2 Download a PDF pamphlet providing useful guidelines.

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