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Carer's Support

Across the UK today 6.5 million people are Carers, supporting a loved one who is older, disabled or seriously ill. That’s 1 in 8 adults who care, unpaid, for family and friends.

A Carer is someone who provides unpaid help and support on a regular basis to a relative, neighbour or friend who is unable to manage at home due to age, a long term health condition or disability.

Carers UK

Looking after your loved ones can be tough, but you’re not on your own. Led by carers, we’re here to give you expert help & support.

As the UK's only national membership charity for carers, Carers UK is both a support network and a movement for change.

Devon Carers

Devon Carers provides information, support and short breaks for carers living in the Devon County Council area or caring for someone living in the Devon County Council area. We have staff based all across Devon. Devon Carers is run by eight organisations working together to improve the quality of services for carers in Devon, whatever your age, whoever you care for. The eight organisations are Westbank, East Devon CVS, Exeter CVS, South Devon Carers Consortium, Taw and Torridge CVS, UNITE Carers in Mid-Devon, Young Devon and Hikmat.

Devon Carers

Devon Carers is a service delivered by Westbank.  Staff are also employed by Action East Devon and CoLab Exeter. A number of other organisations deliver aspects of the service.

How can Devon Carers help?

We enable carers to maintain their own health, wellbeing and independence; and to care safely, confidently and effectively. We provide carers with the information and advice they need in their caring role. We help carers find support in their community and from local community organisations. In everything we do we are led by carers, ensuring they have choice, control, and a voice as expert partners in care.

Carers - Devon County Council


Are you one of the 1 in 8 people in the UK who cares for someone?

You are a carer if you look after a family member or friend who is ill, frail, has a disability, or has substance misuse problems – and who relies on the help you give them.

Caring can be support of a range of types including personal care, practical help, emotional support, help with managing behaviours or relationships.

If this is you, we can help you find the right support.

NHS: Caring for Carers

If you're a carer, there are many organisations that can provide practical and financial help, as well as short breaks from caring. You can find information and advice here.

The carers support group - North Devon Hospice​


During the year we run a series of carers' support groups which are led by one of our Supportive Care team.  As a group, these carers will meet once a week over the course of six weeks. During the group sessions there are opportunities to talk about personal experiences and about what is happening around you, as well as listen to others who are experiencing similar situations.

Young Carers - support in North Devon

Carewise supports and works with children and young people from across North Devon, up to the age of 18 who look after or support parents, relatives or siblings with care needs.

Headway - Caring for someone with an acquired brain injury


Becoming a carer is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face. Caring for a relative who has experienced a brain injury can be particularly daunting, due to the effects on their personality and cognitive functions, as well as any physical disabilities. When a relative survives a brain injury, life can change completely without any warning and the   resulting affects can be overwhelming.

Headway Devon run a monthly carers support group. This group meets once a month (currently the first Tuesday of the month) at the XCentre in Exeter.

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