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Register with the surgery

We're a practice with a mission to help you to lead an active and fulfilling life, whatever your health condition.

If you would like to register with our surgery -

Patients living within the practice area are welcome to register.


Please check you are within our catchment area (this link will open a catchment map)

To Register:

For patients over the age of 16 years old:


You will need to complete a copy of our New Patient Questionnaire and the NHS Registration Form

For patients aged 16 and under:

Parents / guardians / children over 11yrs will need to complete a copy of our Children's registration form and the NHS Registration Form

Please read this important information carefully before returning your registration forms.

Registration forms need to be completed in full before returning to our letterbox, in the post or via e-mail. If there are any sections not filled out, or if both forms have not been signed, the receptionist will not be able to register you.

You are required to provide us with your NHS number.

Your NHS number can be obtained online by visiting the following website:

or by contacting your previous surgery (it can also be found on repeat prescription slips).


If you are unable to do this then you will need to provide us with 2 forms of ID, (1x photo ID and 1x proof of address that you are currently living at). We cannot accept forms with ID from anyone other than the patient.

Please send the fully completed registration forms back via our letter box, posting them to:


Bideford Medical Centre, Abbotsham Road, Bideford, Devon, EX39 3AF, or via

e-mail to (please note this e-mail address is only for registration forms and no other enquiries).

COVID-19 Registration of temporary residents and guidance for tourists 

The current rules on patient registration set out that a practice may register patients as a temporary resident if they are resident in the practice area for more than 24 hours but less than three months. However, given the introduction of total triage and the rapid and widespread increase in use of remote consultations by practices, registering as a temporary resident might no longer be necessary or provide the most appropriate access or care for the patient.
Under these circumstances and where it is clinically appropriate to do so, patients may be referred back to their registered practice to be assessed by a clinician who knows the patient and can access their medical record.
Practices may still need to see patients face-to-face in certain circumstances and therefore register them as a temporary resident.

What you need to do if you fall ill with COVID-19 symptoms whilst visiting

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