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If you are in pain, please also see our pain section which includes online resources to help you keep active whilst suffering with a painful condition.


Northern Devon Healthcare Physiotherapy Service at Bideford Hospital

If you are registered with a GP at Bideford Medical Centre or The Wooda Surgery you can now access NHS Physiotherapy without having to consult your doctor.

Common problems seen by Physiotherapists for self-referral include:

  • Spinal problems: stiff painful neck or back and referred arm or leg pain

  • Joint problems: arthritis, injury, pain, swelling and stiffness

  • Injuries to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and cartilage

How do I access this service?

Log-on to:

Complete the ‘Physiotherapy self-referral form’ and press submit.

After sending in your form, you will receive a letter asking you to contact us to arrange an appointment.

If there are any concerns with your referral you may receive a call, email or letter requesting further information. Please ensure you provide the relevant contact details.

What can I do in the meantime?

Painkillers: Painkillers prescribed by your GP and those obtained ‘over the counter’ can be helpful. A Pharmacist can advise you on appropriate analgesia.

Keep Active: You may need to modify activites initially but the sooner you return to them, the sooner you will feel better, changing position and activity throughout the day can help to reduce stiffness.

Recent Injuries: If you have a recent injury please refer to the above information to help you manage your symptoms. Please do not refer yourself within the first 3 days as many problems resolve themselves naturally.

If you are in significant pain or have any concerns regarding your health please call NHS 111 or speak to your GP.

Please note

  • You must be over 18 to self refer.

  • Referrals are accepted at the Physiotherapist's discretion

  • Incomplete forms will be returned and may result in a delay before appointment given

  • The service does not accept self-referrals within 3 months of discharge from treatment for the same problem

  • The service is not available for neurological or respiratory conditions


Physiotherapy videos

There are many helpful videos here from They Include tips for shoulders, knees, feet, ankles and patient who have had a stroke or suffering with vertigo.

New Service - First Contact Physiotherapists (FCPs)

This service is provided by a registered health professional who is the first point of contact for patients, providing new expertise and increased capacity to general practice and providing patients with faster access to the right care.

They are qualified autonomous clinical practitioners (often Advanced MSK Physiotherapists) who are able to assess, diagnose, treat and discharge a person without a medical referral – where appropriate.


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