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Patient Participation Group (aka PPG)


What is the PPG and what does it do?

The PPG is a group of patients and medical professionals from Bideford Medical Centre. 

Key Objectives of the PPG:

•To provide an effective forum for patients, carers and staff to support Bideford Medical Centre in its delivery of healthcare. 
•To encourage open discussion of changes of services and their delivery and to help shape the future policies and direction of the Practice.
•To empower patients in developing an interest in their primary health care at the surgery.
•To consult on information packs and patient leaflets which are of interest to patients.


A doctor and 2 Managers from Bideford Medical Centre - Dr Duncan Bardner, Ms Caroline Sanford & Mrs Lyn Watts. 

A panel of Patients – Euan Eddie (Chair), Denise Oldaker, Joy Shore, Leno Lamanna, Dr Dick Ford and Marian Vinall. 



Meetings occur quarterly. 

BMC wishes to thank both the Trustees of the Friends of BMC and the PPG for all of their hard work for the practice and its patients


Friends of Bideford Medical Centre

The Friends of Bideford Medical Centre is a Charity set up in 1998 (Reg. Charity No. 1072103). The charitable status and registration was approved by the Charity Commission on 23rd October 1998.

Its main objectives are to provide and improve facilities and equipment for the relief of sickness, the preservation of health of the patients at the Medical Centre and the advancement of education in the provision of healthcare.

Its functions are to raise funds and receive donations, by way of gifts or legacies, for the benefit of patients.

If you wish to contribute or help please contact our Practice Manager or one of the Trustees via the Suggestion Box inside the main entrance to the Medical Centre.


Raising money for Friends of Bideford Medical Centre - via

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Thank you for your support.

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