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Rise in Cases of Whooping Cough


The first signs of whooping cough are very similar to those of a cold, followed a week later by symptoms including :

•     coughing that lasts for a few minutes
•     difficulty breathing after coughing
•     thick mucus that may make you vomit
•     a distinctive 'whoop' sound (although babies & adults may not 'whoop')


For more information on the symptoms and vaccination please follow this link

We have changed how we work to improve our service to you

Dear Patients,

We are always trying to help you gain access to the appointments you need and following your feedback we are making some further changes to the new online triage system. We want to make sure patients are getting the advice they need by the Right person, at the Right Time and First Time, and at a time that is suitable for you.

Therefore, we are asking all patients to submit your requests as early as possible on a day that you are available AND your GP is working. After reviewing your request, if another team member is better placed to help, it may be passed on.


By only taking requests on the day and not in advance, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate indication of when you should receive contact.

We Aim to.....

  • Respond to your medical request on the day you submit it or within 1 working day 

  • Process medication and prescription requests within 3 working days.

  • Respond to administrative requests e.g. Reports, Letters, sick notes, within 2 working days.

Click on the Submit a new request button below -

  • Complete a simple form about your problem or request

  • Our Clinicians decide on the best treatment for you

  • The practice responds with advice, a prescription or an appointment

BUT don’t worry if you don’t have access to a computer or smart phone, you can still contact the surgery and our team will be happy to help you submit a request.

Please note: In line with our current policy, for safety reasons, requests for repeat medication are not accepted by phone.

  • To avoid the risk of error, we are unable to accept routine prescription requests over the telephone. Our reception team will ask you to place any routine request in writing. 

  • We do not respond via phone or text to routine medication requests when a prescription has been issued or rejected.

  • We cannot advise when your prescription will be ready to collect from the pharmacy – only when we have issued the prescription.

Currently, appointments for patients to see our Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Phlebotomists should still be made by telephone or coming into the Practice.

GP Availability - W/C 17th Jun 2024

Dr Bardner - Mon, Thurs 

Dr Bond -  Mon, Fri

Dr Brown - Next available 4th July

Dr Chan - Mon, Tues AM, Weds AM, Thurs AM

Dr Clarke - Mon AM, Weds AM, Thurs

Dr Davies - Mon, Tues, Fri PM

Dr Down - Tues PM, Fri

Dr El-Badawy - Next available 24th June

Dr James - Next available 2nd July

Dr Lloyd-Jones - Weds AM, Thurs

Dr O'Brien - Tues PM, Thurs PM, Fri

Dr Relph - Tues

Dr Thornton - Mon, Weds AM

Contact us online

GP Availability - W/C 24th Jun 2024

Dr Bardner -  Thurs

Dr Bond - Mon, Tues PM

Dr Brown - Next available 4th July

Dr Chan - Next available 8th July

Dr Clarke - Mon, Thurs PM

Dr Davies - Weds PM

Dr Down - Thurs

Dr El-Badawy - Mon AM, Weds

Dr James - Next available 2nd July

Dr Lloyd-Jones - Mon, Thurs

Dr O'Brien - Tues AM, Fri

Dr Relph - Tues, Weds, Fri

Dr Thornton - Mon, Weds

Click the Frequently Asked Questions button below about these changes. We will be regularly updating these from questions that you, our patients, ask.

Our aim is to make sure patients are getting the advice they need from the right person at the right time, first time.

The Cost of Living Crisis - for anybody needing guidance the website below contains details of advice, information and services on a National, Regional and Local level.

The Cost Of Living Crisis

Please also see leaflet (in pdf format) for The Cost of Living Signposting & Support Service

We have changed the way in which we manage long term conditions.

Please click the LTC button above for further information.

Long Term Conditions (LTC)

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