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Heart Disease

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Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the UK's biggest killer, causing around 82,000 deaths each year. About one in five men and one in eight women die from the disease. In the UK, there are an estimated 2.7m people living with the condition and 2m people affected by angina (the most common symptom of coronary heart disease). 

Angina, heart attacks, heart failure and heart valve problems all have very clear management protocols that aim to help you feel the best you can and live the best quality lifestyle possible. Angina is the body’s way of improving the circulation to a heart whose blood supply has been damaged.

The British Heart Foundation is the UK’s number one heart charity. Coronary heart disease is the UK’s single biggest killer but we are leading the fight against it. Our pioneering research has helped to transform the lives of people living with heart and circulatory conditions. Check out our new quick guides on the most common conditions, tests and treatments.

This decision aid is intended to help you to make up your mind whether or not to take a statin to help reduce your risk of having a heart attack or developing angina or of having a stroke.

You only need to look at the graphics that apply to people with your level of risk.

Angina is a pain that comes from the heart. It is usually caused by narrowing of the coronary (heart) arteries. Usual treatment includes a statin medicine to lower your cholesterol level, low-dose aspirin to help prevent a heart attack, and a beta-blocker medicine to help protect the heart and to prevent angina pains.

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