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Fever (includes SAM)

This is commonly caused by a “virus”. Initially, keep you child cool by removing clothing, tepid sponging, switching your fan on, and give Paracetomol every 4-6 hours. Give Ibuprofen too as long as the child does not have Asthma.


NHS: Fever in Children

Read about causes, treatment, and when to seek urgent medical advice.


Patient: High Temperature in Children


Viruses are the main cause (coughs, colds, 'flu), followed by less common Bacteria (pneumonia, urine infections, septicaemia and meningitis)

More tips on what you should do.


Sepsis Assessment and Management (SAM)


Spotting sepsis and serious illness in children leaflet.


Healthier Together


This website provides advice for parents, young people and pregnant women, and clinical resources to support healthcare professionals – which means that your child is likely to receive consistently high-quality care, irrespective of which healthcare professional they see.

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