Coronavirus (COVID) Information

Phases of the Covid Vaccination Programme

This is the official NHS information on the phased approach to the COVID vaccination programme.

Phase 1 – direct prevention of mortality and supporting the NHS and social care system.

JCVI advises that the first priorities for the COVID-19 vaccination programme should be the prevention of mortality and the maintenance of the health and social care systems. As the risk of mortality from COVID-19 increases with age, prioritisation is primarily based on age. The order of priority for each group in the population corresponds with data on the number of individuals who would need to be vaccinated to prevent one death, estimated from UK data obtained from March to June 2020:

Patient Cohorts


1. Residents in a care home for older adults and their carers
2. All those 80 years of age and over and frontline health and social care workers
3. All those 75 years of age and over
4. All those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals
5. All those 65 years of age and over
6. All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality
7.All those 60 years of age and over
8. All those 55 years of age and over
9. All those 50 years of age and over


It is estimated that taken together, these groups represent around 99% of preventable mortality from COVID-19.

This is what we are following at Bideford Medical Centre along with all practices in North Devon.  Each category has thousands of patients in and we are on categories 1 & 2 at the moment.

Health and social workers in the North Devon locality (who work in organisations outside the GP surgery) please follow this link for vaccine booking information. Please do not contact the surgery

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for patients

Why you are being asked to wait for the vaccine


Please follow this link for common questions that patients may wish to ask regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine

Information for health and social care workers in the North Devon locality (who work in organisations outside the GP surgery)

This includes dentists, opticians, chiropodists, aromatherapists, funeral directors, independent/voluntary workers.

Please follow this link for information regarding vaccine bookings