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Diarrhoea & Vomiting

NHS: Diarrhoea and vomiting in children

Read expert advice about diarrhoea and vomiting including gastroenteritis. Check out the video about how to deal with your child's diarrhoea and vomiting.

Diarrhoea can be acute (sudden onset and lasts less than 2 weeks) or chronic (persistent). Also, diarrhoea can be caused by an infection and may be accompanied by vomiting. This is called gastroenteritis (a stomach bug).

Patient: Gastroenteritis in Children

Gastroenteritis is an infection of the gut. It causes diarrhoea, and may also cause vomiting, tummy pain and other symptoms. In most cases the infection clears within a few days, but sometimes takes longer. The main risk is dehydration. The main treatment is to give your child lots to drink.

Patient: Acute Diarrhoea in Children

Diarrhoea can be acute (sudden onset and lasts less than two weeks) or chronic (persistent). This leaflet deals with acute diarrhoea, which is common in children

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