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Better eating

Achieving a balanced healthy diet will help you feel better and improve the quality of your life. Plus it will reduce the risks of conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some cancers, osteoporosis (thin bones) and help you reduce your weight.

Making changes to your diet can be hard - help is at hand. Browse the links below. 

Healthy Start Programme - Devon County Council

Get free food and vitamin vouchers from Healthy Start Programme

Healthy Start is a programme to help families with young children get free food vouchers to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables and infant formula milk. 

If you have children under 4 or are pregnant, and you or your family receive qualifying benefits you may be eligible 

Click this link for further information

Change4Life Food Scan App

Scan the barcode on a food or drink product with your app to reveal the sugar, saturated fat, salt and calories. Green, Orange and Red traffic lights reveal at a glance if you've made a healthy choice! Packed with loads of hints & tips to help you make a healthier choice

Food Fact Sheet: Healthy Eating

The eatwell plate, good and bad fats, kippers and noodles...

Change For Life Recipes

Contains over 100 calorie counted, searchable recipes, a great ‘smart recipes’ function which provides suggestions for a day’s meals, and a shopping list function which makes it easy to keep track of everything you need. Most recipes serve four adults and cost around £5 to make.

Food Fact Sheet: Food and Mood

Is there a connection between feeling fine and the foods we have eaten? Do some foods make us feel grumpy? Is it possible to plan a diet for  good mood?

NHS: Healthy Eating

Healthy recipes including chilli con carne, lemon chicken, fish pie, vegetable soup, beef curry etc

How to beat common digestion problems like bloating and indigestion

Oily fish - mighty omega-3 or codswallop? Is Garlic a superfood? Are Blueberries antioxidant powerhouses?

And much more....

Overeaters Anonymous

Are you obsessed with food, eating or your weight? We provide insight into our problems of eating compulsively, strength to deal with it, and a very real hope that there is a solution for us. 

Slimming World

If you'd love to lose weight without feeling hungry, welcome to Slimming World! Reach your weight loss dream - enjoying the food you love!

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is an effective Weight Loss Programme with Support & Motivation when you need it. Lose Weight and Keep it Off with Our Meetings and Online.

FODMAP Diet sheet

A diet that has been hugely successful for people with IBS

Food Fact Sheet: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Advice varies depending on which symptoms dominate - bloating, wind, constipation or diarrhoea? Useful steps and Probiotics.

Food Fact Sheet: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and Diet

The body needs a balance of healthy foods to ensure optimum health. Many find small meals and snacks are helpful. Tips on a health balanced diet and thought about supplements.

Food Fact Sheet: Depression and Diet

You wouldn’t expect your car to run without the right fuel, so in the same way you need to feed your brain regularly with the right mix of nutrients for it to work properly.

Pregnancy Food Facts

Pregnancy is a good time to think about what you’re eating. What you eat now will help your baby to grow healthily and give them the best start in life and help you to feel your best. 

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